High School (9-12)

Careers in the Energy Industry

Ever thought about a career in the energy industry? Which one is right for you? Here are four options in four broad areas covering a variety of skills and education levels.


Construction Career

Since saving energy is as important as generating energy from scratch, all careers involved in energy-efficient construction and building operations belong to the energy sector. Some construction workers, like plumbers and pipelayers, can be employed in utilities as well as in commercial and residential building retrofitting.


Engineering Career

An engineer is someone who likes to solve problems, often using math and science knowledge and skills. Often the solutions involve new ways to design or improve systems, structures or processes. At CenterPoint Energy, our engineers design and modify systems related to the delivery of energy, be it electricity or natural gas, to our customers.

Craft and Skilled Trades

Installation Career

Enjoy working with your hands? Learn how to assemble pipe or install gas equipment to help families receive the natural gas to heat their homes, water and cook their food.


Production Career

Considering military service? Many gas utilities recruit individuals who have acquired specialized skills through service to our country.

CenterPoint Energy

Installation Career

CenterPoint Energy offers a variety of jobs, from craft and skilled trades to professional and technical careers. Visit our Careers site to learn more: www.centerpointenergy.com.